1er Seminario de la Digitalización del FM — FMTech —

FMTech – sumérgete en él sin coste, online, y guiado por las empresas más relevantes del momento.

En nuestro 1er Seminario de la Digitalización del FM exploramos “lo digital” en las principales actividades del FM: limpieza, mantenimiento, workplace management, gestión energética e IoT en general.

Súmate a la progresión de tu profesión, de la mano de la principal comunidad de FMTech a nivel mundial: la Global Alliance of Facility Management Innovators

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The Global Alliance of Facility Management Innovators is an online community bringing together facility managers and startups/scaleups with tech solutions for the FM industry. Our mission is to give easy access to FMTech, which includes: – learning about tech in everyday FM language – promoting facility management tech use cases to benchmark from – and shaping the future of FM from within, in an international, inclusive and collaborative setting.


We firmly believe that digitalization is touching the careers of all FM’ers. Therefore, any facility manager wanting to get acquainted with digital innovation is welcome in our community. And as our mission is to give easy access to FMTech, most of the activities we organize are free.

How do we do this?

A. FMTech scouting Our expert team scouts digital FMTech vendors globally, vets these scouted companies and makes the selected startups and scale-ups available to our FM community.

We ensure our selection covers the complete and vast spectrum of FM activities, from maintenance to waste management and from cleaning to corporate catering. This year 2022, special attention goes to solutions that make the FM industry more sustainable.

B. We are open Read about all our findings on the FM Innovators’ LinkedIn accounts: – CEO Cindy Hermsen – https://www.linkedin.com/in/cindyhermsen/ – Global, English – https://www.linkedin.com/company/global-alliance-of-facility-management-innovators/ – Spanish – https://www.linkedin.com/company/fm-innovators-espa%C3%B1a/

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