Imagen con el fondo del Playbook La Oficina Sostenible para anunciar un webinar en el que dialogamos Joaquina Garrido y Susana Quintás como expertas en sostenibilidad y workplace

Webinar in ESCP:

🌐 Unlock the Future of Real Estate Sustainability with ESCP EPRE Programme!

🏢Seize this exclusive opportunity to delve into the realm of Real Estate sustainability, curated by the esteemed ESCP Business School EPRE Programme.🎙️ Live Discussion with Industry Pioneers: Join us for a dynamic live session with Ms. Joaquina Garrido-Arroquia Noves and Susana Quintás, co-authors of the IFMA Playbook of the Sustainable Office. Engage in insightful discussions and gain a profound understanding of the criteria for selecting sustainable workspaces, unraveling the real cost of sustainability in offices.

💼 Why ESCP EPRE Programme?🌱 Innovative Approach: 140 hours of cutting-edge curriculum.🖥️ Online Teaching: Accessible and interactive learning.🗣️ Webinars: Engage with professionals in real-time.

🌍 Field Trips: Explore London, Paris, Madrid, and Marbella, connect with industry leaders, and expand your network.📅 Save the Date: 🗓️ Next Monday, 29/01 at 19:00 CET (Duration: 45 min)Ready to shape the future of sustainable Real Estate? Elevate your knowledge, network with industry leaders, and embark on a transformative journey with ESCP EPRE Programme.✉️ Register Now: For registration details, please contact #Sustainability #ESCP #EPREProgramme #InnovationInEducation 🌐

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