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It’s safe to say the era of ESG has arrived, with record growth of $120 billion being poured into sustainable investments last year. 

Gary Cottle, Metrikus CEO remembers when he first started my career, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – the ‘S’ and ‘G’ of ESG – was a nice-to-have. Now, evolving industry standards, legislation and a global framework mean ESG commitments are now a crucial requirement for many organisations across the world. As we deal with the first real energy crisis in nearly 50 years, focus on the climate crisis and sustainability is only set to increase. 

At Metrikus, we’ve seen this translate into growing interest around energy efficiency and employee wellbeing. 

However, as with CSR, the real challenge as we migrate from ‘talking’ about ESG to ‘doing’ ESG will be that it requires data to demonstrate compliance and progress. Our ESG solution is driven by data and leaves no room for greenwashing or grand gestures – we prove how a space is performing and provide insights to increase efficiency. 

Our team has put together this whitepaper to explore the growth of ESG, the current state of play, and consider what’s next, all through the lens of one central question: how bad are buildings?

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Publicado por primera vez en Metrikus el 12 de Octubre de 2022.

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